This program will take you on a deep, transformative journey through enhancing your daily rhythms and rituals, self-care practices, diet, exercise, connection to spirit and connection to nature.

Welcome to Thrive for Life!

As your personal guide, I will introduce 10 new Ayurvedic practices with the theory and supportive information behind them. Then, simple yet impactful methods are given to help you implement this wisdom into your daily life and truly embody it.

I’m looking forward to taking this journey of habit evolution with you.

The 10-week Program: How It Works

Learn the foundational habits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Gain an understanding of your bodys daily rhythm. Create routines that keep you connected to the habits.

Welcome to the 10 habits of Yogis. In Ayurveda these daily practices are called Dinacharya, this Ayurvedic wisdom is 1,000s of years old. During your 10 weeks in the program you will be guided, through a proven system, on how to start introducing these practices into your everyday life.

During these 10 weeks you’ll be fully supported by me your coach, a dynamic group of peers, weekly email introductions to the habits, assignments and workbooks, weekly group coaching sessions*, 1-1 coaching sessions and you get accountability and support via our private Facebook forum.

*Calls are recorded and can be watched later should you not be able to make it on the day.

Week 1: Earlier, lighter dinners

Optimal meal timing in rhythm with nature; enhancing your digestion; losing or gaining weight, build-up of undigested food; supporting your body to heal.

Week 2: Evening ritual

The importance of a relaxing evening routine and an earlier bedtime; connecting more with your body clock, honoring and addressing your need for getting deeper rest and waking up with more energy.

Week 3: Morning ritual

Starting the day right; taking a minute to mentally set yourself up for the day you want to have. Activate your bowels to empty, allowing you to enter your day fluid, light and clear.

Week 4: Exercise

Taking time to move and groove and to open up your body. Ayurvedic and Yogic insights to exercise; creating your optimal breath/body practice; partnering the breath and the body to clear stagnation, combust disease and calm inflammation.

Week 5: Eat More Plants

A natural, seasonal and nutrient dense approach to your nourishment; listening to your body’s needs and intuition; eating local foods; boosting your immune system and getting connected to your local ecosystem.

Week 6: Self Massage

Abhyanga – Ayurvedic oil massage as a daily ritual for deep and impactful self-care; the ins, outs and benefits. self-love in action.

Week 7: Build a Meditation Practice

Taking time each day to sit in silence; creating or refining your daily practice; gaining patience, acceptance, balance and ease; feeling nourished from the place of not doing.

Week 8: Healthy Eating Guidelines

Meal timing and spacing in tune with the natural cycle of the day; incorporating the 6 tastes for your unique needs; fasting for your body type; attuning your tastes and listening to your gut.

Week 9: Sense Organ Care

Scheduling in ayurvedic self-care practices like tongue scraping, oil pulling, nasal flushing; using oils to boost immunity, heal damage now and prevent problems later; protecting your senses to perceive the world accurately and wonderfully as you age.

Week 10: Easeful Living

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Altering your perception to alter your reality; cultivating ease in your relationships; allowing stress, overwhelm or anxiety to fade into the background; scheduling in simple rituals for body, mind and spirit; freeing up space for clarity and creativity; creating and stepping into your potential.

The 12 Month Program: How It Works

Round 1- Sprout

Learn the foundational habits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Gain an understanding of your bodys daily rhythm. Create routines that keep you connected to the habits.

Round 2- Root

Find calm and clarity in your day to day. Establish deep connection to your body. Begin to release old patterns that are no longer relevant to you.

Round 3-Thrive

Find ease in all aspects of your life. Enjoy a sense of balance in body, mind and spirit. Automate your good habits and amplify your potential for growth.

You will pass through 3 rounds of the 10-week program: January, May and September.

Between times when you’re deepening your practice of the 10 habits you remain fully supported and connected to the group via our private Facebook forum, monthly group coaching calls, videos and 1-1 coaching sessions.

Re-visiting the 10 habits like this, is like sweeping out a dirty garage. The first sweep creates the biggest pile of rubbish for removal. With each subsequent sweep the piles are smaller, and the garage starts to sparkle.

What previous members know is that when you keep passing through the habits in 10-week segments, the habits build on each other. You too will begin sparkle more with each pass.

During Spring and Autumn season change time you’ll be guided through a 5-day seasonal cleanse based on your individual constitution type, following Ayurvedic principles.

Better habits open your mind to attract ideas that align with what you want to do or who you want to become next. Better habits awaken your spirit. Better habits breed better relationships.

‘’We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit’’ Aristotle.

I invite you to discover how better choices, finding rhythm and cultivating routine can help you live to your full potential.

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